STL srl is a dynamic company that believes in continuously progressing technology, in keeping up with the newest software updates, and in investing more and more in new technologies as well as in the future, to meet the needs of our customers. As a result, we have become one of the leading companies in our sector, in Italy and the world.

The high technology of 3D cutting has allowed STL srl, thanks to its experience and expertise gained in the field of metal structural work in general, to drastically reduce the construction and cutting times of the manufactured products and at the same time significantly increase process precision.

"The key to our success nowadays is the combination of two fundamental elements: innovation and ideas"

STL srl, which stands for STRUCTURAL TUBE LASER, began fromOfficina Carpenteria Mazzobel Angelo & C. snc  - a company operating in medium-heavy carpentry, initially specialising in the construction of steel tanks then moving onwards and upwards over the years into the construction of special machinery stands.

Over time, the requests on a national and international scale have grown considerably, so much so that STL srl has increased its fleet of machinery and highly qualified personnel to meet the growing demands and market needs, in order to consolidateinnovative and technological changes with the entry of the third generation of the Mazzobelfamily: Engineer  Kristian Mazzobel – the sales and production manager – and Giada Mazzobel – responsible for managing legal and contractual affairs with Italian and foreign clients. As a result, STL srl was founded, to expand by adding the processing of tubes and profiles in both carbon steel and stainless steel to the experience already gained in the field of carpentry. The company is currently number one in the world for its services centre, both in the national and international metalworking sector, with machines for cutting tubes and profiles with 3D technology. The technological innovations of STL srl stem from the need to provide the tubes and profiles sector (open and closed) with a modern service of pre-processing and semi-finished products, both for finished supply and for manufacturing purposes. Sixty years of constant interest in new technologies have led STL srl to become a forerunner in the processing of large formats, introducing world-class laser cutting, plasma and oxyfuel cutting in 3D, a unique and unprecedented service. STL srl has developed a fleet of machines capable of working and satisfying any type of product and customer needs, a technical research centre, a state-of-the-art order management system, and a network of collaborators capable of handling any request.

STL srl has completed projects in Italy and all over the world.

These countries include: United Arab Emirates, Russia, Germany, Austria, Brazil, Panama, Greece, South Africa, Croatia, Serbia, Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Algeria, Romania, Bosnia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Nigeria, Mozambique and Poland.

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